About Us

Senior Mediation and Decision-Making, Inc. (SMDM), formed in August 2007, is a non-profit organization that promotes the development and provision of mediation, facilitation, coaching and related approaches to assist older persons, their families and others with planning, decision-making, conflict prevention and conflict resolution regarding maintenance, care-giving, housing, health care, employment, estate planning, guardianship, and other issues.

SMDM provides training to mediators, lawyers, judges and court administrators, aging service professionals, nursing home and assisted living and other senior housing and health care management and staff, and others in the development and provision of such services.

SMDM conducts research and supports demonstration projects concerning senior mediation, and promotes the public understanding, acceptance and use of senior mediation and related decision-making services through presentations, publications, and other approaches.

To date, SMDM has been involved in providing trainings, workshops, public presentations, or mediations and mediation support in Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, and has distributed information, articles and materials to interested organizations and individuals around the United States and Canada.

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You may contact SMDM Board President Bob Rhudy at bobrhudy@yahoo.com, or (410) 669-7587.
Our office is located at 1204 Bolton Street, Baltimore, MD 21217.